In one of our MaDI Talks about Jobs and Career organised by the Master in International Business Administration MaDI-UC3M, we counted with  José Antonio Jiménez,  Spain Internships CEO, who gave us advise in order to do internships abroad, and specifically in US. In this post we tell you all the details of this talk!

What is Spain Internship and what does it consist of?

Studying abroad is one of the most enriching experiences a student can encounter, especially if they are studying a Master in International Business Administration and Management such as MADI, but do internships abroad can be even a richer experience. In order to help our students in this task, we suggest Spain Internship.

Spain Internship is an organisation which helps national and international students to start their professional career abroad. For that purpose, they offer a paid internship programme in multiple sectors such as Marketing, Finance, Tourism, Communication, Education, Art or Web Design. Its director, José Antonio Jiménez, visited MADI to explain how important this kind of experiences is in the professional life of the students. In Spain Internship, students can choose what internship period they are interested in, between 2 and 18 months. Most companies prefer a minimum period of 6 months.

The Company offers other benefits such as helping with the paperwork in order to obtain J-1 visa or student visa, depending on the country of destination. Besides this, they offer advice throughout the whole process.

Why should you do internships abroad?

A recent study carried out by the European Union reveals that students who have studied or worked in a foreign country have a lower unemployment rate than those who have not.

For that reason, it is very important for us to have an experience like that when starting our professional career. Likewise, the study also reveals that the future and the development of the people who studied or worked abroad is significantly better. This has to do with the number of managers or senior positions that they end up holding, a much higher share than if we compare it to those who did not have an international experience.

It is widely known that companies appreciate the global knowledge or mindset of their employees, especially when they have had an experience abroad, as they are more used to working in changing or more dynamic environments.

If you want to start your professional career acquiring new skills and experiences, apply for this internship abroad.

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Here is a video that summarises José Antonio Jiménez’s visit to MADI, Spain Internship Director.