The Master’s in International Business Administration organise a number of  ‘MaDI Talks’ throughout the year at the Carlos III University for our students and everyone interested in International Business. The talks include entrepreneurs from leading global firms, digital specialists, Human Resources experts, regional experts and past alumni experiences. These talks provide with valuable, real-life experiences to help guide them through their Master’s and proceeding professional career. If you want to staty tuned for upcoming MaDI Talks follow our events in Facebook. You are more than welcome!

Take a look through our Madi Talk’s timeline and pinpoint some of its highlights.

  • MaDI Talks 2017

MADI TALKS UC3M eprocurement

Sergey Gurchak at MaDI Talks UC3M

2017 was a busy yet exciting year for MaDI Talks. We kicked off the year with Trivago, where we welcomed Héctor Cachero, MaDI Alumni, and Melina Parisi to discuss the internationalization process and growth within the company and the importance of having an international team. They were followed proudly by a current MaDI student, Sergey Gurchack who shared his 10-years of experience in the E-procurement field and spoke about the challenges and advantages of this industry.

These international experiences continued throughout the Autumn term as we had the opportunity to learn more about real international companies, such as Destinia with Ricardo Fernández, J.García-Carrión with Sara Blanco and Juan Baeza, and Black Limba with Alvaro Banús and Pedro Bores. 


Juan Baeza and Sara Blanco from JGC at MaDI Talks UC3M

Moreover, we continued our interest in talks related to the Global Job Market! Thus, José Antonio Jiménez, the CEO of Spain Internship came to speak about the benefits of doing an internship abroad and shared his advice on the importance of gaining real-life international experience. Additionally, Guillermo Ballenato gave a great start to the year in 2017 with his top tips on public speaking. Public speaking may be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome, but it is a must across many professions. With a series of 3 talks on improving your professional abilities, our students were supplied with the knowledge and the know how to improve these skills.

As MaDI Talks are connected to the International Business Administration Master’s at Carlos III (although, everyone is welcome) it was only right to include a number of talks on ‘doing business internationally’. We started off with Doing business in Eastern Europe where we delved into the cultural differences between Eastern European countries and the most common do’s and don’ts, to Doing business in China where they delved into Chinese negotiation styles and greetings to the differences between doing business in China and western countries, to Doing business in Latin America where they talk about the potential Latin America has as the second fastest growing market in the world, to Business in Arab Countries and the challenges and opportunities that arise there. Ultimately, Antonio Rodríguez visited Carlos III towards the end of the year to talk about Business in the Fashion Industry in the United States.

Last but not least, Digital tools are extremely important for our students at Carlos III and during the year Raúl Reyero taught us the basics of HTML and Web Scraping across a number of seminars; Irene Gómez helped us to discover the importance of Google Analytics and Danny Mola connected for various seminars from California, to give us an insight on Google Adwords.

  • MaDI Talks 2016

In 2016, we maintained our traditional regional seminars on ‘doing business’ around the world and were lucky enough to be visited by the social media manager of Diseasemaps, a project with a very hopeful vision and mission. Diseasemaps was founded by a previous Carlos III student Pablo Belmonte after being diagnosed with a rare disease. Diseasemaps helps connect people from all around the world thanks to its global platform.

Diseasemaps at MaDI Talks UC3M

Later on, we had a series of MaDI Talks based on Jobs and Careers, the first being from Iria Lago from who shared some top tips on how to look for a job overseas, which include creating objectives, following a plan, investigating and establishing your personal brand. Workkola was the next on the list (a familiar company to MaDI students as Workola allows our students to take part in a real-life project for an existing startup), the CEO Alvaro Mancilla talks about Workkola and the benefits this platform has for those looking to gain real-life experiences, especially those that are stuck in a vicious cycle of not being able to find a job due to lack of experience. Precisely, thanks to Workkola we were introduced to Wobybi, a start-up that sells customized bicycles online! And, to maintain the importance of digital tools, especially for these types of digital businesses, we also organized a Talk on SEO and SEM with Rocío Jiménez, an expert in the field.

  • MaDI Talks 2015

In 2015, we began to organise MaDI Talks for the first time. Until then, we had regular seminars that were specialized in ‘doing business’. From 2015, we opened our seminars to the university community and included seminars from different topics, such as international experiences or legal topics around internationalization. For example, we encountered the presence of Javier Bravo the CEO of Packlink who shared the key to success of his e-commerce company that compares prices for sending packages overseas and Fernando Maudo from Vente Privée, another e-commerce company who shared their thoughts and experiences on international expansion. Additionally, Izanami Martínez, from Nonabox, was also explaining us her e-commerce project.

Llaollao at MaDI Talks UC3M

Pedro Espinosa in his MaDI Talk about Llaollao at UC3M

We were also visited by two family businesses, the first being Callaghan shoes where the CEO Basilio Garcia came to speak about the evolution and growth of his father’s business and Esther Pinuaga from Bodegas Pinuaga where she spoke about the necessity to export goods in order to grow. Pedro Espinosa, one of the co-founders of Llaollao, the frozen yoghurt chain, also came to share his experience on expansion by franchising.

Similarly, we dedicated some talks on learning about tax rulings, Lorena Viñas, a lawyer at Ashurst LLP gave us her view on tax rulings for multinational companies. And, as the year went on, we invited entrepreneurs, such as the founders of Pompeii, Cosme, Jaime and Nacho and Consultants from BCG, Cristina Torres to learn more about the consultancy activity from UC3M alumni.

It has been a great three years for MaDI talks and Carlos III University. We hope that you have enjoyed reviewing the MaDI talks timeline and have learnt just as much as we have. To many more years ahead!

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