In the previous post, we gave some advice on what is necessary to prepare a good CV. Today we would like to turn things upside down because, on many occasions, a perfect CV is not always the (only) key to success. In one TED Talks Regina Hartley has explored de professional profiles dichotomy. Please carry on reading!

The concept of professional profiles dichotomy

TED Talks are always a great source of information and inspiration. In the following video, Regina Hartley, expert in Human Resources, explains to us the dichotomy between “silver spoons” and “scrappers”. In her own words, the first ones are those “who clearly had advantages and were destined for success”, and the latter are those “who had to fight against tremendous odds to get to the same point”.

Post Traumatic Growth

We would like to highlight how necessary it is to change our perspective, sometimes. Isn’t it true that someone who has been through hard economic times, violence or illnesses before is likely to be able to overcome business challenges too? It is obvious that their past is a key element of who they’ve become (Post Traumatic Growth).

Entrepreneurs’ case

The speaker mentions a study in which a remarkable 35 percent of the American entrepreneurs analysed had dyslexia. Apparently, all of them saw their learning disability as an advantage, because they paid more attention to detail. Think about Steve Jobs’s striking example: his parents gave him up for adoption, he never finished college, changed jobs a few times, went on a gap year to India and he had dyslexia.

The importance of relationships

In order to finish her intervention, Regina tells us that “People who overcome adversity don’t do it alone”. This idea makes us think of how fundamental networking is in life, interacting with people, getting to know them, exchanging views…