It has been a while since Madrid is waiting for you, and so now you are ready to pack and come discover the wonders that it has to offer you. However, you feel some pressure for finding housing and accommodation for you stay in here. Don’t worry, we are here to make your life easier and show you all the tips to find housing and accommodation in Madrid!

Housing and accommodation in Madrid: when to start reaching

Madrid might be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Spain, which means a lot of fun but also several housing and accommodation choices.

It is indeed easier to find an housing and accommodation during the months of May until August, it is however recommended to start your research 2 to 3 months before your arrival and not wait until the months of August and September where competition is relatively high.

For those arriving during the year, the same advice is applicable.

Where to live in Madrid
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The community of Madrid is pretty wide, however most of activities are more gathered around the city center. If you prefer to live next to your campus the choice is yours, but if you want to fully enjoy the Madrid experience you might opt for the neighborhoods of Malasaña, Moncloa, Arguelles, Chamberi, Embajadores or la Latina. Plus, the two last ones are very close to the UC3M Puerta de Toledo Campus.

You will find through this article different housing and accommodation options, varying from residencies to shared flats. Don´t forget that living in a residency is always easier, but sharing a flat is going to make experience the real student life.

Alternatives to search housing and accomodation in Madrid

University housing

At first, as being a student of the Carlos III University you have access to discounts from some its partnerships such as: SpotahomeMadridEasyAluniSal y VenDflat Housing. Those are online agencies that offer you a panel of choices in counterpart of a fee they charge.

The University offers as well student residencies in its different campuses of Getafe, Leganes and Colmenarejo:

Colegio Mayor “Gregorio Peces-Barbas”Avda. de las Ciudades, 1 28903 GetafeTel.: 91 7712700Fax.: 91 6836379Email adress: R.G.Peces-Barba@fund.uc3m.esResidencia Fernando de los RíosAvda. de las Ciudades, 1 28903 GetafeTel.: 91 7712700

Fax.: 91 6836379

Email adress:


Residencia Fernando Abril MartorellC/ Palmera, 12 28918 LeganésTel.: 91 7711000Fax.: 91 6931813Email address: Residencia Antonio MachadoAvda. Universidad Carlos III, 22 28270 ColmenarejoTel.: 91 8561900Fax.: 91 8425384Email address:



In case if you are looking for a hotel for your first stay, the University also have special prices through its partnership wit the Corte Ingles travel agency:

El Corte Inglés Agency (Getafe Campus)

Edificio López Aranguren, 15, planta baja.

Tel. 916963314

El Corte Inglés Agency (Leganés Campus)

Edificio Betancourt. Planta baja

Tel. 91.6802088

The offer concerns the following hotels:

Hotel Petit Palace Tres CrucesC/ de las Tres Cruces, 6, 28013 MadridTel. 915 22 33 27Hotel Puerta de ToledoGlorieta Puerta de Toledo, 4, 28005 MadridTel.  914 74 71 00Hotel Tryp Atocha

C/ de Atocha, 83, 28012 Madrid

Tel. 902 14 44 40


Hotel Eurostar Maria Elena Palace

C/ Aduana, 19, 28013 Madrid

Tel. 913 60 49 30


Hotel Agumar

Paseo de la Reina Cristina, 7, 28014 Madrid

Tel. 915 52 69 00


Hotel Holiday Inn Pirámides

Paseo de las Acacias, 40, 28005 Madrid

Tel. 915 17 18 28

Hotel H2 Getafe

Calle Torroja, 13

28904 Getafe (Madrid)

Tel. 916 01 17 80


Hotel Exe Getafe 

Chamberlain, 1

28905 Getafe (Madrid)

Tel. 91 6011800  Fax 91 6823817

Hotel Tryp Leganés Avda Universidad, 7, Leganés (Madrid)Tel.  91 6896161 Fax:  91 6936909


In case if you are not satisfied by the options the university offers you, no worries you still can look for the perfect flat on your own.

Pack to Spain is an agency that suggests a panel of choices for accommodation around the UC3M campuses. As well as Moving2Madrid, a professional agency that does the visits for you.

The main websites for flat renting or sharing are IdealistaFotocasa and Erasmusu. These websites do not charge any fees once you make your booking, but as you may know the risk of non-confirming pictures still exists.