Seminar ‘Experiences of internacionalizatión with success’

On March 10th- In the second seminar within the cycle ‘Successfull internationalisation experiences‘, we will have the visit of Victor Salamanca Cuevas, CEO at Auxadi.

Auxadi is a family firm offering administrative, financial and accountancy services to multinational firms that are established in a third country. With more than 35 years of experience in its sector, Auxadi has evolved from being a firm with only 15 employees in 1997, to employ 130 workers in 2015. But it seems this growth is not going to stop. Two years ago they decided to duplicate its size for 2018 and they are on the way of doing it.

Auxadi has always had an international vocation

They have always given services to multinational firms that established themselves in Spain and that needed to cover their needs in taxes, payrolls, accountancy, etc.  In 1998, Auxadi created an association with two other firms from France and The Netherlands, giving coverage to their clients in 17 countries. In the last years, Auxadi has decided to create its own international desk with professionals from different countries and to open local offices. Nowadays, they have presence in different countries from Europe, such as Portugal and France, and in Latin-America, in countries such as Perú, Colombia, México, Chile and Brasil.

Victor Salamanca Cuevas, with 18 years of experience in the firm founded by his father, knows by first-hand the changes that the firm has experimented. His experience, then, results crucial to explain how Auxadi has developed its internationalization process and how its familiar character has contributed to make possible that this firm gives regional coverage to its clients.

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