Summer is a season to relax, to break away, to travel and, of course, to read. Today we would like to give you some recommendations if you want to spend some free time in five readings in business management and internationalization. We hope you find them useful and they give you ideas so that you can go back to work full of energy.

How to manage a Company

On the one hand, we recommend “Designing a value proposal: how to create the products and services that your customers are waiting for”  by Alexander Osterwalder, edited by Deusto S.A. Ediciones. In this book, you will discover the most effective way to design your business model. Focusing on the value proposal, it tries to describe how to offer customers what they need.

But there is not a value proposal without a business idea, so maybe the book “How they started: How 18 good ideas became great businesses” by David Lester, edited by Bresca (Profit Editorial) may help you develop yours. You will read about the stories behind 18 highly successful internationally-renowned businesses such as IKEA, Coca-Cola, Nokia or Volvo.

In a world globally connected through the Internet, we are sure that reading “Exporting 2.0” by Rafael Olano and edited by EmpresaActiva 2015 will give you ideas about digital marketing action plans. Aimed at small and medium businesses as well as freelancers, it represents a basic guide for those companies that want to sell abroad. The examples and witnesses of 3 experts focused on 3 different markets will turn out to be very practical.

How to manage yourself

In terms of individual professional development, here are some titles that may help you develop yourself professionally. “Your visibility plan 40+” by Neus Arqués and edited by Editorial Conecta explains, using exercises and summaries, how you can use your talent and experience creatively and socially and why your visibility is a strategic asset for you.

We also know how difficult it is sometimes to manage your agenda, hence we recommend that you should read “Efficient time management: how to be successful without stress” by José María Acosta and edited by Bresca (Profit Editorial). This book will help you improve your efficiency and personal development, enhance your assertiveness levels and balance your time in the different dimensions of your life.

Happy reading time!