Today we have a company that works in a traditional sector such as the bakery is.  Thanks to the help of the ICEX Next program, a support program for Spanish pymes who want to internationalize their business and consolidate their presence abroad, they helped in the realization of the international expansion of bakery Toñito.

Panadería Toñito, located 15 minutes from A Coruña in the town of Betanzos, has a great experience and recognition on the production of homemade empanadas and ready-cook food directly to be eaten. The main feature of their empanadas is that they are totally handmade.

The beginnings

Its current director and manager Antonio Fero wanted to follow the footsteps of his grandmother since the company in which he was working at that time was slowly declining. It was 1989 when he began his enterprising career with Panadería Toñito. In 1992 they decided to start in the frozen market thanks to the idea that came from when they visited several frozen factories in Barcelona. Then they began to distribute their empanadas in different supermarkets like Gadisa, Froiz and Carrefour, very important point in the development of their business.

The international expansion of Bakery Toñito

Its entry into foreign markets began in 2004. Firstly, attending the customers occasionally who knew their product, and then in a fully way thanks to the ICEX Next program. This program helped them to get into abroad markets identifying their weaknesses at first and dealing with them. They focused on the strategy of diversification, marketing and positioning of the product and the brand, which allowed them to consolidate their exports in France and Portugal achieving fixed sales each year.

One of the keys was to make their product known as regional, natural, handmade and healthy. It is was important because it is a very specific product and whose marketing strategy was based on giving it know by emphasizing its identifying features and aimed to all types of public.

Further steps

The internationalization of Panadería Toñito has been the key for its business development, which it currently has 13 employees and an invoicing of 4.1 million euros. The next step is continuing to make its Galician empanada known with its international consolidation in more foreign markets.

We wish them all the best in their future international projects!