International Business Franchise: the example of Llaollao

Within our cycle of seminars “Successful Internationalization Experiences” organized by the Master in International Business and the Instituto de Iniciativas Empresariales y Empresa Familiar “Conde de Campomanes we had the chance to know the successful case of the company: Llaollao.

This company, which sells frozen yoghurt under a quite special and innovative conception, has achieved a worldwide expansion thanks to the international business franchise application.
Its co-founder, Pedro Espinosa, explained to us in this conference, the Llaollao’s internationalization process, its entrance in different countries and the different characteristics and opportunities that the international business franchise provides.
On the following video, Pedro Espinosa, summarizes some isseus dealed in itts speech:
My name is Pedro Espinosa Martínez and I am Llaollao’s co-founder, business franchise dedicated to frozen yoghurt commercialization. Llaollao is founded in 2009 June, more than 6 years and a half ago, and it was 100% conceived as a familiar business project, nevertheless, its immediate success shows us that we would be able to develop the business just with the franchise system since it does not need own resources but authority is delegated to franchisees. Nowadays, 6 years later, we are present in more than twenty countries with more than 180 points of sale.
Company’s internationalization starts in 2011, two years after its first commercial property, which was very important for us, we decided to internationalize the company just when we were greatly growing in Spain, we decided to take advantage of the wave of growth and consumption we had here to start in other countries.
Finally, I think companies or at least most of them, we should look at the market as a globalized market, we should have the right mentality and consequently the visibility to understand that our market it is not only Spain nor the European Union, is any country, that is why it is so important most people working in companies, have this international profile since this is where market is going.
Well, I am Pedro Espinosa, Llaollao’s co-founder and I would like to say hi to the MaDI’s students.