Mahou San Miguel is a spanish beer company that was born when Mahou bought San Miguel in 2000. Since this moment, this beer company has made important trade operations that has allowed it to grow up at international market. In the following lines we explain the Mahou San Miguel international expasion.

In 2004 and 2007, Mahou San Miguel bought Reina and Alhambra brands and, in 2011, the company spreaded out its business buying Solán de Cabras.

Mahou San Miguel at global market

Los productos internacionales de Mahou San Miguel

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Mahou San Miguel is, right now, the most important spanish beer company because it has a production fee of 37%. The group has 7 production centers in Spain, 1 in India, 2 water sources, 43 brands and 57 products.

At the international market, Mahou San Miguel has great experiences. Its international business supose its 13% of its total sales and the exports are more than 75% compares to other spanish beer companies.

In 2012, Mahou San Miguel created an international business unit to grow at international markets.

Mahou San Miguel international expansion

One of the central concepto to this company is the international process, it’s a complex process that requires time. So, the company has preferred to be cautious and to study all the items around its international process.

el proceso de internacionalización de la empresa española mahou san miguel

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Mahou San Miguel strategy has contributed to make this company presence in more than 50 different countries. Mahou San Miguel exports their products to many countries as UK or  Equatorial Guinea, important countries to this company.

In the other side, Mahou San Miguel has so many distribution deals with other international beer companies as Warsteiner Brewery y Carlsberg; these agreements has allowed to break into important international markets with local partners. In 2012, Mahou San Miguel arrived to India through a joint-venture with Arian Breweries & Distilleries Ltd. In 2014, the company bought this indian company and created its first subsidiary out of Spain.

Mahou San Miguel wants to continue exploring new markets and consolidating its position where they are right now. This international strategy can be resumed as an international market research where Mahou products could be appreciate.

This spanish beer company compites in an international level offering an quality product assimilated to spanish culture and way of life. So Mahou San Miguel achieves new markets where their products has so many sales oppportunities and where there are consumers that find its beer as unique and spanish representative product.

Due to this strategy, Mahou San Miguel is the most important spanish beer company and it’s becoming as one of the most representative of Spanish brand outside.