A mother always wants the best for her children, and she wants it from the very first moment. This is what Izanami Martínez should think when she started her business project with her partner Ramón Sánchez, Nonabox.

On-demand service

Nonabox is a firm that distributes products for babies through a model of monthly boxes with a subscription of 25 €. Products are targeted to pregnant women or mothers with children under 3 years old.

They fill the boxes in Valencia, although they know that in China, they could produce them cheaper. From Spain, they may have more control on the production, which is crucial as it is a kind of product that has to arrive to clients in perfect conditions.

They combine products from different brands, having in mind the preferences that mothers have specified: the baby is a girl or a boy, the mother is in a breastfeeding period or not, there are allergies or not, etc.

Its business model needs from different agents. On one hand the brands that give Nonabox products for free in order to advertise them. On the other hand, Nonabox, that designs the boxes taking into account the month in which the user is.

If she is pregnant they consider the month of gestation; if the baby was born the age. And finally the clients: the mother that pays for the box.

Each mother receives a personalized box, also determined by her own preferences, by 25 euros although the real value may be up 70 euros. Thus, every month the client receives a surprise box.


An international brand

Nonabox operates in countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, and United Kingdom, where they are leaders. Izanami Martinez comes to the seminars “Experiences of Internationalization with success” in order to explain us how Nonabox was internationalized. Are you coming?

March 4th 2015. Class 17.2.75

This seminar is part of the seminars “Experiences of internationalization with success”, which has credit recognition by Carlos III University of Madrid. Inscription open!