We continue with internationalization aids. Today we focus on organizations financing firms international expansion. Specifically, this article distributes the financial instruments provided by the Spanish Central Administration and which can be of great help to companies in their internationalization process.

Organization Financing Firms International Expansion

This Institute acts as Public Bank and as State Financial Agency. It has a dual function as a Specialized Credit Institution (medium and long-term financial the productive investments and the current assets of the Spanish companies) and as Financial Agency of the State. The ICO financial products for the internationalization as follows:

  • For the financing of investments:
  • For export financing:
    • ICO Internationalization 2016 Section II: Exporters in the medium and long term. It offers financing directed to the granting of Credit Supplier and Buyer Credit, as well as Complementary Financing to the foreign company that purchases the Spanish goods and services, which has not been fully covered with a Buyer Credit.
    • ICO Exporters 2016. It provides financing to self-employed and companies wishing to obtain liquidity.

It is a publicly-owned company whose mission is promoting the creation, growth and consolidation of Spanish SMEs. It actively participates in the financing of viable and innovative business projects and in the revitalization of the venture capital market. ENISA Young entrepreneurs, ENISA entrepreneurs, Digital Agenda and ENISA competitiveness. The latter is the best fit for the internationalization projects.

It is a state-owned company whose objective is to facilitate the medium-and long-term financing of viable private investment projects abroad in which there is Spanish interest. COFIDES funds and programs to internationalization projects are as follows:


  • CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development)
    • Innvolucra
      Its objective is to encourage the participation of Spanish entities in international technological cooperation programs, as well as the presentation of offers of large scientific and technological facilities.
    • Global Innovation Line
      Financing investment projects in innovation and incorporation of innovative technology for the growth and internationalization of companies that develop their activities in Spain, both in their facilities in Spain and abroad.
    • Transnational R & D Projects
      International R + D + I projects led by companies that allow Spanish companies to strengthen their technological capabilities while at the same time expanding the impact of their products, processes and services in global markets
    • International Technology Cooperation Projects
      Support for projects under multilateral and bilateral programs in the field of international technological cooperation with certification.


It is a Fund for the Internationalization of the Company managed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain. This fund provide medium and long-term credit fund to foreign importers of Spanish goods and services as well as credit for the direct investment of Spanish companies abroad, therefore it is not subsidies, but loans that are returned. These credits may be recipients of companies that have contracted the supply of goods, the provision of services or the execution of a project with the Spanish company. According to the representative of the Chamber of Commerce, “a request for reimbursement can not be granted to heavely indebted poor countries” (HIPC), unless expressly authorized by the Council of Ministers.”


CESCE is a leading Spanish company in international risk assurance. It provides a wide range of solutions for integrated risk management through its two lines of activity: on its own account (protection against defaults, commercial customer information, market research…) or on behalf of the State (it ensures commercial risks of more than two years, political and extraordinary).


The CARI System is a Spanish export support system that encourages financial institutions to provide long-term export credits and fixed interest rates.


We hope we could help you through your internationalization process! These are some of the instruments financing firms international expansion but do not forget this is related to the Spanish Government! Keep finding more!!