On March 18th – Javier Bravo, CEO and co-founder of Packlink will be at the Carlos III University to explain the internationalization experience of this firm, a comparison site related to courier delivery services within the cycle ‘Experiences of Internationalization with success’ organized by MaDI.

Its business model

Similar to comparison sites such as eDreams for flight tickets, Rastratror for car insurances or Trivago for hotels, Packlink has designed an online platform to compare courier delivery services nationally and internationally.


Javier Bravo and his partner Ben Askew-Renaut saw how delivery services were a commodity as all the transport companies offer the same services except the price and the traceability.

Then, in 2012 they developed the model in order to be the reference of comparison sites in this sector.

With this business model they connect clients, final customers or firms that need these services, with delivery services firms such as Correos, MRW, Seur, UPS, NACEX or Envialia. They have developed this idea and clients have been able to reduce time and transport costs in almost a 50% and a 70% respectively. Moreover, from the platform the client may follow the state of the service.

Among the advantages of this platform we can find that it can be adapted to the preference of big clients but also to SMEs and freelances. In a recent interview, Javier Bravo explained that Packlink is a powerful and professional tool, available until now to big corporations. This platform allows firms to achieve a niche market integrated by small firms and freelances with a low cost of management.

Recently they have created a site focused on firms, separating the service offered to final customers.

International presence

The headquarters are in Madrid but they also operate in Germany, France, Italy and in Latin American countries such as Mexico.

During this seminar we will have the opportunity of listening to Javier Bravo who will explain how Packlink has develop this international process and which are the next steps in this strategy.