Javier Bravo, Packlink CEO, was at International Workshop organized by the International business management master of Carlos III University.

How was Packlink born?

Packlink was born as a simple idea. Ben Askew and me have family out Spain and we had to make a delivery and it was so complicated to find companies, to compare, you had to call the, signed up… I was so complicated so we thought about it and it came our mind that, as same there were companies that compare flights or hotels, why there wasn’t a website to compare delivery companies. And at this moment, Packlink was born.

Packlink’s keys for success

At the end, I think you have to find your target when there is a need. This was when the crisis started, people and companies tried to find economical solutions for their deliveries and that was the moment when Packlink started. We made a simple website, accesible and these were some of the keys that we had success.

Packlink at the international market

Packlink, right now, is avalaible in Spain since 2012; in Germany since 2013 and in France and Italy since 2012. We chose these countries because of the market, how big could it be, the internet introduction and, the third point, the b2c, the ecommerce market, that it’s growing up every year, and the perspectives in the next two or three years.

Packlink and the international talks

It’s the funniest part of this business, the talks with the delivery companies. In some cases it’s so hard, another not too much but it’s entertaining because it’s like “The Marmot’s day”; you are talking about the prices all the time.

Now, we are known in some countries and that companies work in other countries so this has made everything easier because they introduce ourselves. Besides, it’s not only a presentation because they talk about how Packlink has worked before. And, in other cases, we have to talk to new companies who don’t know us and it’s more complicated. But, they have Spain as reference where Packlink is working from 3 years so that make it easier. The most complicated was at the beggining, when you had to introduce yourself with a powerpoint presentation, a lot of excitement but without experience.

Studies and international companies

In my case, the answer is yes, I consider that all the knowledfe is important. In my case, it’s true that I don’t have an international degree or master but this had been good. Maybe, not at the beginning, because a master doesn’t give you the energy, but once you start to develop the project, the economic or international business knowledge help you to make the right choices.