On November 11th 2015, we received the visit of three of the Pompeii Brand Co-founders, during the II Edition of the Seminars on “Successful Internationalisation Strategies. They own a Spanish trainers’ company that in a few months has become a benchmark within this E-commerce sector.

Pompeii Brand, a successful case

Cosme, Jaime and Nacho, three of its founders, explained to us how they started their project while they were working for other companies. They told us about the moment when they decided to take the leap and fully devote to the brand, which combines an innovative style and a Spanish manufacture. They also highlighted that their customers have become their main marketing tool.

If you want to know more about this firm, don’t miss the following video:



How would you define Pompeii in three words?

Cosme: I would define it as a young, digital and fresh company.

Nacho: Pretty cheeky too, isn’t it?

What do you think is Pompeii’s success?

N:I think that many factors have been involved in Pompeii’s success. Firstly, everything is based on a bold design, high quality and 100% manufactured in Spain. Secondly, I think that the success is due to our marketing strategy, which didn’t cost anything at the beginning to attract customers. We have been able to create a brand with an engagement level where our customers are the ones marketing it.

What makes Pompeii different, compared to the rest of the companies in the sector?

Jaime: Our differentiating characteristic is that we sell all our products, all our trainers through the Internet. As for the product, we have an edition called Black Edition, which is how we started, where we put numbers to the trainers on the outside from 1 to 349, so each pair is different.

What criteria do you have in order to choose the countries to internationalise?

We focus on countries where we have already sold something. Our goal in those countries where the product is becoming popular is to start investing some money through Facebook or other digital tools.

What is your growth strategy?

N: Our growth strategy focuses on online marketing, we are only going to invest in online marketing from an intuitive perspective. We want to get carried away by the markets where we see we are growing. We want to bet on those markets, through platforms such as Facebook ads, Instagram or Google Adwords.

What would you recommend to the students that are watching you now?

J: The first think I would tell them is to think about how young they are and about how much they have to learn. We are 23 years old and we have quit our jobs in order to start this project. Before quitting a job or something that we find hard, try if it works. We quit after selling 4000 pairs of trainers.

N: We are three founders of Pompeii: Cosme, Jaime and Nacho, and we would like to say hello to all MaDI students and… may the force be with you!