There are several organisms and institutions that provide companies support and advice for the internationalization process, as well as there are operational support instruments for the export of goods and services and instruments of financial support. In this post we will talk about the adviser institutions and programs in which to be able to rely on when taking a step towards foreign markets.

Entities and programs that support and advice for the internationalization process

There are several national institutions that offer support and advice to companies in order to face their internationalization process.

  • Secretaría de Estado de ComercioThe Secretaría de Estado de Comercio is in charge of coordinating the Strategic Plan for the Internationalization of the Spanish Economy. This plan includes 41 measures to boost the competitiveness and contribution of the external sector in the medium and long term to the economy growth and the creation of jobs in Spain.
  • Autonomous administrations and their public bodies. The autonomous governments have different organizations of foreign trade promotion that the companies can make us of. Some of them are EXTENDAASTUREXPROEXCAIPEXADERSODENA
  • Official Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Services and NavigationThese Chambers are public law corporations that perform consultative and collaborative functions with the Public Administrations in order to promote and defend the general interests of commerce, industry, services and navigation.
    • XPANDE ProgramIt is a personalized technical advice program provided by specialized Chambers of Commerce advisers to SMEs who want to start their internationalization processapproach new foreign markets and improve their competitiveness. The interesting thing about this program is that its methodology is based on techniques of Competitive Intelligence. In addition, this plan is complemented by the strategic Digital Marketing Plan XPANDE Digital, helping companies to present their strategy on the Internet from the international point of view.
  • Confederación Española de organizaciones empresariales (CEOE)The CEOE is the main interlocutor of companies in Spain facing the Government, State organisms, trade union organizations, political parties and commercial institutions. This confederation represents and defends the interests of Spanish entrepreneurs and also has organizations such as CEPYME and CEAT.
  • ICEXThe ICEX is the main entity that gives support and advice for the internationalization process and of greater budgetary endowment in matters of internationalization. It has several services and support programs, some generic, for all types of companies, and others specific, for a specific typology of companies.
    • Information and training support tools
      • ICEX ConnectThis ICEX service offers individualized advice to Spanish companies through videoconferences with the Directors, Aggregates and Market Analyst of the different Economic and Commercial Offices of Spain abroad.
      • ICEX Capacita and ICEX Dinamiza. Both programs are about training and information sessions on markets and topics related to internationalization such as certifications, free trade agreements, financial instruments, among others. ICEX Capacita presents business opportunities for Spanish companies, advice and recommendations to maximize their participation in the commercial actionICEX Dinamiza provides free and flexible seminars on the aforementioned topics and programs among Spanish companies with the aim of increasing the export base.
    • Export support instruments
      • ICEX NextThis program focuses on facilitating the export initiation of Spanish SMEs and consolidating their presence in foreign markets. In order to achieve this, this program provides the company with a consultant to teach you how to prepare your Internationalization Plan, while also providing support for the costs of implementing this Plan.
      • ICEX IntegraICEX Gran DistribuciónICEX Sourcing
        These programs are based on that large Spanish companies as well as large Spanish distribution chains and suppliers help small and medium-sized companies to be more competitive.
    • Instruments to support the implantation abroad
      • ICEX Target USA
        This plan aims to promote the consolidation in the US market of Spanish companies that have a project already started in this market. The expenses that this plan supports are the previous expenses of constitution and first establishment, the expenses of commercial promotion and the expenses of legal defense of the brand and homologation. The support provided is 50% of the expenses with a maximum limit of 30,000 euros.
      • ICEX CONSOLIDA2 Plan
        CONSOLIDA2 of ICEX supports Spanish companies in the different ways of access to new countries in the creation of subsidiaries outside the European Union, in promotional expenses and in expenses of legal defense of the brand and homologation. The amount of the aid can reach up to 50% of the concepts susceptible of support up to a ceiling of 20,000 euros per company per year.
    • Moreover ICEX has develop an initiative to support and advice for the internationalization process of digitial technology companies.
      • Spain Tech CenterIn this ICEX provides a platform in San Francisco area. The STC offers a physical space to work in the RocketSpace at San Francisco, one of Silicon Valley’s most active coworking platforms, allowing participants to learn from the best, contrast their business models and expand their network of contacts.