On the occasion of the Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week, we keep an eye on the Spanish textile and clothing sector and its corporate strategies. How are they doing it at the international level?

For the last years, we’ve witnessed an increasingly progress towards internationalization of Spanish fashion companies mainly caused by:

  • Strong economic and financial crisis in Europe
  • The internationalization of markets

The globalization of the Fashion Industry

Internacionalizacion-modaThe empowerment of fashion on social media channels; the emergence of new platforms for e-Commerce and the production at the international level have caused a global uniformity in production and consumption of textile products.

A lesser need of product adaptations, the major opportunities for exporting. However, there’s a BUT: communication in sales processing of products at the destination. We cannot forget that, even production and design tends towards globalization, marketing actions and sales policies have to respond to the different local demands.

So, what are we meant to have a significant presence in international markets?

Successful Business Case in International Fashion: Jesús Delpozo

The answer comes from Jesús DelPozo, one of the most relevant Spanish business case in fashion industry that could serve as an example for other firms. Its first challenge was get over its founder disappearance. They overcame with a figure of reference and long professional record, Josep Font.

Its second one is important because it shows the firm’s ability of finding a niche in the international market. DelPozo’s success is therefore based on:

  1. Building up a sales network including well-known multi-brand stores across Middle East, Europe, Asia and North America.
  2. An online shop that allows them to deliver their products to multinational clients that might not otherwise access those markets.
  3. Two flagships: one in Madrid that recalls the origins of the firm and strengthens its interest in the European market; the second in Miami that represents the ideal showcase to its international expansion.
  4. The participation in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York. Even if it is an expensive strategy, this fashion show is the opportunity to position the firm in the field of haute couture as well as to address more directly its target worldwide.
  5. Promoting the concept of ‘Made in Spain’ as a differentiating element: the mass production of national products as it happens in United States, take customers to look for clothes with an identity of their own. That’s why celebrities from Hollywood choose DelPozo firm from the beginning increasing its free press appearance

All these features, orchestrated in a successful way, have served to boost the international growth of DelPozo that is today one of the most renowned Spanish fashion brands worldwide.

María Gallego is journalist specializing in fashion who writes articles for MKT4fashion Blog and Incover Magazine.