I have travelled the World for the past 25 years and I have sold all kinds of things, from airplanes to tiles, from wine to movies, from instant coffee to candies and chocolates and finally from Adwords to hi-tech software, on premise and as a service (SaaS). When I think about all the time wasted and efforts in the wrong directions we made, I just wish we could have had just a fraction of the Digital universe available today.

Old tools

In the old days these were some of the stuff we used to do:

  • ICEX library, look for Market Studies (hopefully recent) and “Doing Business in…” books.
  • Order expensive and time consuming “Market Researches”.
  • Prospect trips to one or more countries. Plenty OFCOMES visits and interviews.
  • International Shows (really expensive).
  • Send loads and loads of faxes.

Google Tools

Digital marketing toolsToday, digital tech companies like Google provide some smart tools to research international markets without leaving your desk. Take Google Trends for example (former Google Insights for Search), one of the popular ones, already widely used among mainstream marketers. But the one that really fascinates me is the (not so well known) Google Global Market Finder, we use it literally on a daily basis. Ok, I admit these are not perfect, nor provide the absolute truth, but, isn´t it awesome that they return instant responses, are completely free and require no registration?

Once you have investigated and feel confident about doing actual business abroad, there is this wonderful universe called Google Adwords, which basically allows you to become a “micro-multinational” overnight.

True we talk a lot about Google, but I am afraid the 80/20 rule applies to Digital Marketing as well. Study Adwords, Google Display Network (GDN) and You Tube and you will be 85% Digital Marketing savvy and ready to go Global. This statement is no opinion but real hard numbers, as roughly 60% of all digital advertising globally is spent in SEM (namely Adwords), after all…

“70% of success in life is showing up” (Woody Allen)

and you do want to show up when someone looks for your products and services potentially anywhere in the World.

Learning about Google stuff is mostly FREE, but it is such the variety and complexity, that confronting this task without any help is burdensome, painful, leads to weariness and in most cases abandonment. However, the Master in International Business Administration at UC3M brings expert professionals from both sides of the table, allowing a smooth but comprehensive ride into International Digital Marketing.

Víctor Magariño
VP Sales & Marketing – Comunycarse Network Consultants
Professor at UC3M, ESADE and NYU Stern
ex-Country Manager Spain – Google