Today we would like to present an inspiring and successful story that we love, the story of Wobybi and their customised bicycles. Wobybi is the first European brand which creates customised bicycles at an affordable price.

Who they are?

Wobybi is a firm founded by two young men who, after a tour around Europe and once they got back to Madrid, started cycling to work. They realised that bicycles in Madrid weren’t very popular, that there were not many stores and that it didn’t sound like an attractive idea.

Wobybi emerged with a very clear goal: promoting the use of bicycles in cities, and creating a product that consumers could customise and enjoy. Its name, World By Bicycle, comes from its founders’ dream to turn cycling into a great experience that is special and different for everybody.

Its business model focuses on letting its customers choose and totally customise their bikes, through the combination of colours and accessories. The bike’s customisation can be carried out online and, what is more, at a truly affordable price.

Wobybi and their customised bicycles

Wobybi has existed for five years now, and 2 years ago they started their international adventure. Thanks to Workkola platform, Wobybi was able to get in touch with some MaDI students so that they could collaborate in their project, and so that they could study their competitors more thoroughly.

Buying a bicycle at Wobybi is very easy. You just have to visit their website and follow these very simple steps:

  1. Select the bicycle model.
  2. Choose the colours of the pedals, mudguards, bars, etc.
  3. Once the bike is ordered, it is assembled and prepared.
  4. You receive it within 15 days.

If you are a bit indecisive or you are not very sure about it, you can choose among the bikes you can find on their catalogue. Besides, you can also check online their pieces and accessories related to urban cycling.

Here’s a video of Álvaro Basterra’s visit, co-founder of Wobybi, when he visited MaDI.