Once in a life you have faced one of these situations: being undergraduate and graduate students with strong theoretical baggage but without practical experience, no tools and poor network. Or being a company and startup with limited resources where teams have to deal with different tasks without expertise and need external help for completing specific projects. This startup Workkola has found a solution for both these problems! In this post we tell you the story of Workkola and how connect startups and students

WORKKOLA and how connect startups and students

Workkola was born in Europe, at the beginning of 2015 in Malaga, Spain by 5 friends and quickly moved to Boston, MA. Their mission is to bridge the gap between higher education and the labor market and they define themselves as an online community of “sharing-talent” that connects students worldwide, professors and other stakeholders to collaborate on projects.

In their Manifesto you can find, besides other things, the following core values: education as a basic pillar for social improvement and entrepreneurship as an economic catalyzer and a lifestyle.

How to participate?

The process to participate it’s simple and the platform is super easy to use!

If you are a startup you have to register in the website, post the projects that you need help and then obtain help from a student interested in learning and helping!

On the other hand, if you are the student you need to register in the same website, search for the project that best fit in you necessity and start working!

Besides the collaborative projects the website it’s also a place where the startups publish their job vacancies and the students can look for job opportunities and apply for them.

The results:

The students gain valuable experience, enlarge their networking, gain reputation and improve their practical skills and knowledge by collaborating with international startups.

And the startups have a pool of talented students looking for collaborating with them in a wide range of different impactful projects, can give a constructive feedback at the end of the project and find a new talent that can possible be one employee in the future!

Workkola and MaDI

Workkola and the Master in International Business at Carlos III University have collaborated to give MaDI students the opportunity of working with real startups. Thus, MaDI students have connected with firms from their database making sector analyses for them. In the following video Alvaro Mancilla co-founder of Workkola gives us the information about this platform and how has been the experience with MaDI students!