On June 1st, El Celler de Can Roca was chosen the new world best restaurant by the British journal Restaurant. Without any doubt, this fact renews the primacy of the Spanish cuisine internationally.

The Roca brothers are well known cooks that are again on the top of a list in which other spaniards are also included. Arzak, Berasategui, Muñoz, Dacosta, Andrés and of course, the most revolutionary, Adriá, among others, are chefs that have positioned the Spanish gastronomy in the highest level. But it seems that the tendency will continue in the following years thanks to all their disciples.

This recognition worldwide is something that may be added to other hits that have contributed to give an overriding position in the international arena to the cookery made in Spain. Moreover, the uncertainty in the national market has encouraged chefs to start projects in other countries. They have employed different ways of doing it: with local partners, through alliances with hotels, via direct investment, transferring know-how, defining menus, etc.

Spanish gastronomy all over the world

Spanish Chef Jose Andres

José Andrés. Spanish Chef.
Photo Press web www.joseandres.com

New generations are maybe the ones that launch the most original projects with mobile restaurants or private cooking, where they mix tradition and vanguard. Without any doubt the Spanish cuisine is boiling and provides a training benchmark: from el Bulli, Can Roca, Mugaritz, Arzak, among others, hundreds of cooks go to the market to give their own flavor to new dishes. Thus, as Rafael Ansón, president of the Royal Gastronomy Academy, predicts the Spanish leadership is being extended more and more, also in countries from the oriental side of the world.

Clear examples of the international expansion are the cases of Martín Berasategui, who has business in China, Mexico or Dominican Republic; the brand of Sergi Arola, who is in France, Portugal, Brasil, Chile, India or Hong Kong; in London, Nacho Manzano and José Pizarro have promoted the culture of Tapeo with success. And we could continue with many other cooks that have brought the Spanish brand with their stoves. A case with special interest is the one from the cook José Andrés.

This Asturian from Mieres, who has also now United States nationality, was a pioneer internationalizing the Spanish cuisine and has been proclaimed as the King of the gastroentrepreneurs.At the age of 21 moved to United States where he could work in different restaurants. Now he manages prestigious restaurants through the firm ThinkFoodGroup, all them related to Latin and Spanish culture. His trajectory has generated numerous awards and recognitions, such as the II Prize ICEX Exportando España for his contribution to the internationalization of the Spanish gastronomy. This prize was given in the last edition to Roca brothers.

Precisely, there are different initiatives that want to favor the success of the Spanish cuisine. Madrid Fusión, a gastronomy congress celebrated in Spain, is the meeting point you cannot miss if you are one of best cooks or a new promise in the sector. In the last edition, under the leitmotiv Cocinas viajeras, chefs from more than 10 countries showed the more innovative techniques and dishes, betting for the multiculturality and the merge of cuisines.

madrid-fusionMoreover, Madrid Fusión together with junto the Institute of International Commerce (Icex) awarded Spanish chefs with international presence as ambassadors of the Spanish brand. It is also remarkable the creation of the Basque Culinary Center, the first gastronomy school in Spain and the one in the world that integrates an R&D center for research in gastronomy. This institution launched in 2013 the World Tour-Culinary Connection: a worldwide tour in which thirteen Spanish chefs travel to other countries in order to create networks.

All in all, the gastroentreprenurs have now more than ever more opportunities for opening establishments abroad, as in addition to the reputation given by the Spanish Brand, they also may count with exclusive finance products such as Finchef, which they may use to start business in the international environment.

All these factors have contributed to say that the Spanish cuisine is a vogue. This is also showed by the audience shares in shows such as Masterchef or Top Chef, or the rise of cooking schools. Without any doubt, the success of our chefs have improved the competitiveness of the gastronomy sector, which represents 7,4% of the Spanish GDP and has also contributed to the growth of other sectors such as the ecological product sectors.