Trading with China is becoming increasingly important now. The country has become the second largest economy, second largest importing country and second largest country of consumption in the world. I have selected five main international investment and trade fairs in China. They have great influences and are hosted in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xiamen respectively. These cities happen to be the representative city of main economic zones of China, namely, Bohai Bay Economic Rim, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region. In general, all of them have followed China’s “Bring-in” and “Go-global” strategy as well as “One Belt One Road” Initiative. The following introductions are sorted by the time of establishment.


China Import And Export Fair


Location: Guangzhou

Time: Spring and Autumn Seasons

Scale: Large, state-level


The China Import and Export Fair is also known as Canton Fair and its history can be traced back to 1957. The Canton Fair is described by national leaders as a window for trade connection between China and the world. It’s co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and organized by China Foreign Trade Centre. Besides, it also has a HongKong office.

This trade fair takes place every spring and autumn season in Guangzhou in an exhibition hall of 1.1 million square meters, attracting tens of thousands of buys and exhibitors at home and abroad. It always provides complete categories of goods and products, which allow convenient purchasing. The total three phases of the 124th Canton Fair has attracted 189,812 overseas buyers and its national pavilion’s business turnover has reached 29.86 billion USD.


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China International Fair For Investment & Trade


Location: Xiamen

Time: September

Scale: Large, state-level


The China International Fair For Investment & Trade (CIFIT) is approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and is held in Xiamen on September 8th each year from 1997. It’s sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China and organized by Fujian Provincial Government, Xiamen Municipal Government and Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce.

Themed on “Introducing FDI” and “Going Global”, CIFIT is currently China’s only international event aimed at facilitating bilateral investment. It has also become a platform for release of authoritative information and for discussion of investment trend. One highlight of CIFIT is its focus on economic and trade exchanges across the Taiwan Strait thanks to the fair’s geographical advantage.

CIFIT introduce national and international investment environments, policies, projects and corporate products through large exhibitions, specific conferences and talks comprehensively. Every year, representatives from Chinese provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, cities, foreign countries or regions, as well as investment promotion agencies take part in actively.

During the 20th CIFIT, more than 100,000 domestic and foreign merchants from 128 countries and regions have been attracted to take part in. In total, 1982 contracts have been signed with use of 36.52 billion US dollars foreign investment.


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China Beijing International Fair For Trade In Services


Location: Beijing

Time: June

Scale: Large, state-level


Approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, the China Beijing International Fair For Trade In Services (CIFTIS) was established in 2012. It’s positioned as a national and international comprehensive trade in services platform, which covers 12 large areas of trade in services defined by WTO. Meanwhile, WTO, UNCTAD and OECD are its permanent supporters.

Service industry and service trade have become the new impetus to promote the development of the world economy. Along with the country’s opening-up, China is also entering the era of service economy. This trade fair utilize its political, economic and geographical advantages to specialize in displaying high-quality innovative services, releasing international service trade policy and information, and last but not least, service trading among enterprises from various countries. The functions are realized through its diversified events such as summits, professional assemblies, introduction and discussion sessions, comprehensive displays, theme day activities, and authorized publications. Guest of Honor Country and Guest of Honor Province will be selected to concentrate on promotion each year.

The 2017 CIFTIS has attracted 72,000 merchants from 96 countries and regions to participate in exhibitions and conferences. A total of 241 cooperation projects were reached, with an intentional contract value of 72.18 billion USD.


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China Overseas Investment Fair


Location: Beijing

Time: Autumn

Scale: Medium


China Overseas Investment Fair (COIFAIR) is organized by China Overseas Development Association with the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China. It’s held annually in Beijing in the autumn season and it has just celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018.

The influence of Chinese foreign investment in global FDI is expanding. As the prime event focusing on China’s outbound investment, it serves as a platform to bridge the Chinese companies, especially SMEs, and foreign business to develop international bilateral and multilateral investment cooperation.

All industries are welcomed and they gather enterprises, financial institutions, service providers, government departments, international organizations, business associations, research institutions and other entities. Foreign embassies in China also participate largely every year, introducing their investment opportunities and environment. For example, the economic and commercial office of Spanish embassy has taken part in the 9th and 10th COIFAIR with information published on ICEX.

COIFAIR holds fairs as well as activities such as country promotion seminars, project presentations, industry forums. The latest news and policies on foreign investment will be shared by government leaders and one-on-one meetings will also be set up for investors.


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China International Import Expo


Location: Shanghai

Time: November

Scale: Large, state-level


It’s estimated that in the next five years, the total amount of goods and services to be imported by China will exceed 10 trillion USD. In May 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the holding of China International Import Expo (CIIF). One year later, the first CIIF was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) in November.

The organization of CIIF will facilitate the participation of developing countries in economic globalization so as to boost the development of open economy of the world. It is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China and the Municipal Government of Shanghai and largely supported by the Chinese government politically and financially.

This expo is large and diversified. It consists of two exhibitions: Country Pavilion for Trade and Investment and Enterprise & Business Exhibition. The latter has two sections: Trade in Goods Section and Trade in Services Section. At the same time, Hongqiao International Trade Forum as well as a series of supporting activities are held during the expo. One highlight is that the organizer provides convenient measures for customs clearance, inspection and quarantine. It’s also worth mentioning that around 150,000 professional buyers from local provinces and third-countries are invited to attend. The first CIIF has also attracted 81 countries 3617 companies to exhibit.


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