Does the United States beckon you? Do you wish to work for a Fortune 500? The choice to apply for internships in another country is not a small decision and before taking the plunge it is important to know the criteria, expectations, and different avenues you can take in order to successfully get the right internship for you. In this post we explain you how interning in the United States!

Internships in the United States are highly sought after and extremely beneficial for students not only looking for experience and resume building but also looking to be hired by a US company. In today’s market entry level professionals are rarely hired without experience in their field and the only way to get this is through internships. Many companies use internships as a way to find talent and directly hire exceptional interns. The United States is also home to many international conglomerates such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Yahoo. The connections and experience of interning in the United States in these kinds of companies will allow you to work anywhere in the world.

Of course this means that it is much more competitive to get a good internship, and it is more likely that the internship will be unpaid. It is recommended that students apply to at least 20 internships. Look closely at the requirements and make sure you tailor your resume accordingly.

Interning in the United States, how?

So, how does it work? Unfortunately t is not as easy as applying and accepting. There are more steps to legally work in the United States. Here are a few avenues you can take to obtain a visa that will allow you to intern in the US.

  1.  First, you can go through an internship placement company that has existing connections and will place you in a company in your desired sector. Because it is a placement is will not be as competitive and will be relatively easy to obtain as long as you pay the placement fee, which also generally includes visa sponsorship and accommodation.
  2. The next option is to apply to companies directly, and once you are accepted into an internship you can go through the process of getting a student visa with a state certified visa sponsor. If you want to work for a specific company, this is probably the best option. Keep in mind the start dates for internships. Most do not start immediately, which is good because it gives you time for the visa process, which can take up to three months. 
  3. Another option is to attend an English academy in the states that offers a combined program of English and Internships. Some of them have placement services and others, the internship is up to the student to find.

Visa application: a must!

All foreign students are required to obtain a J-1 Visa for internships in the US, especially if a paid internship is desired. It is important to remember that you must have a sponsor in order to obtain said visa, and that the sponsor will most likely assist with the requirements as part of the fee. If you are independently looking for internships, it is also important to make sure that the company you are applying to meets certain requirements in terms of:

  • Size: no less than 25 employees or less than 3 million dollars annual revenue.
  • Legitimacy: Federal Employer ID Number.
  • Years established: at least 1 year.


Please see the official visa page for more information


Stay tuned for more articles with details on the three options to find an internship and tips.