Holiday season is just around the corner and Black Friday is one of the biggest holidays for shopaholics. This year Black Friday is on November 23 and already there is a lot of announced discounts.

The origins of Black Friday

The story of Black Friday is a complicated one. It starts in (you guessed it) the United States and it is always celebrated the day after Thanksgiving day, which is actually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

First of all, to this day it isn’t quite clear how this day got its name. However, there are few theories. Usually, the “Black” in history usually represents very hard and dark days. There is one specific Friday like that in USA history. The infamous “Black Friday” was a term first coined to describe September 24, 1869. This was a day of financial panic of major proportions – so serious that stock market fell into free-fall and everyone from Wall Street barons to farmers was forced into bankruptcy.

However, there’s one more thing.

black friday

Retailer’s accounting

As the story goes, when the retailers were doing their accounting they did it in a specific way. They used to record their losses in red and profits and profits in black. In contrast, after the whole year of operating at a loss, the day after Thanksgiving they would eventually earn some profit and record it in black. You may have heard this version already, since this version is the official story  (although inaccurate) of Black Friday’s origin.

It all started in Philly

However, in 1950s in Philadelphia police used this term to describe the chaos on the street after Thanksgiving. On the Saturday following that Thanksgiving there was a Army-Navy football game held and hordes of people rushed into the city. People were shopping for everything, leaving police with no days off for holidays. Ten years later, in the ’60s “Black Friday” was already a big thing in the the Philadelphia.  The term didn’t spread to the rest of the USA and the rest of the world until much later.

Black Friday today

Today, retailers found a way to reinvent Black Friday and turn it into something that reflected positively, rather than negatively, on them and their customers. Now it is a popular day in almost every part of the world, even though it’s still most popular in the USA.

black friday

On this day retailers organize incredible sales and give enormous discounts for their merchandise. This is the day when the Christmas shopping starts and the retailers want to remind the consumers it’s time to open their wallets.

Online stores have changed the way buy forever. The possibility of shopping for your favourite things without having to leave your home is pretty appealing. It led to the start of “Cyber Monday” – day for great online deals and online shopping.  The Cyber Monday comes on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. It is actually becoming more and more popular, with even greater sales than on the Black Friday itself.

What next?

There is a great competition among the retailers on Black Friday, so many of them started opening their stores in midnight. The competition is so strong on this day, that the sales are going even up to 70%. Are you willing to go to the store in midnight for the pair of your favorite shoes or bags? Nor Madrid nor any other part of the Spain is not immune to this Black Friday mania. It can sometimes be overwhelming for the customers, so if you are in need of a guide to navigate you trough this Black Friday in Spain, check out the following link “Discounts in Spain“.

Are you looking forward to Black Friday? Are you gonna let loose on some big shopping spree or are you gonna treat it as any other day? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below! And if you want to read more articles like this, check out our blog “MaDI  blog“.