Situation: you receive a mail in English but you cannot understant completely all their words! You look for them in the dicctionary but they don’t appear there! Don’t worry! Probably you are facing to abbreviations! In this post we talk about them, about the official English abbreviations! They are used in note taking, presentations, texting, emails, and many other forms of communication where speed is needed. These are not slang but official abbreviations for words. They are written abbreviations unless otherwise specified.

Official English abbreviations

General writing:

w/o – without

b/c – because

b/f – before

w/ – with

btw – by the way

ASAP – as soon as possible

FYI – for your information

IDK – I don’t know

DIY – Do it yourself

IMO – In my opinion

Time, weight, and measurements:

ETA (written and spoken) – estimated time of arrival

TBA (written and spoken)  – to be announced

TBC (written and spoken) – to be continued

yr- year

lbs – pounds (weight)

ft / ‘– feet (length measurement)

EST (written and spoken) – Eastern Standard Time

PST –(written and spoken)  Pacific Standard Time CST – Central Standard Time

CST (written and spoken) – Central Standard Time

tsp or t – teaspoon/teaspoons

tbs, tbsp or T – tablespoon/tablespoons

c – cup/cups

gal – gallon

pt – pint

qt – quart


In addresses and directions:

apt. – Apartment

Rd – road

Blvd. – boulevard

St. – street

Ave. – avenue

Ln. – lane


DOB (written and spoken) – date of birth

AKA (written and spoken) – also known as


appt. – appointment

POW – prisoner of war

R.S.P.V – Répondez s’il vous plait literally. Generally on invitations to events meaning you must respond in appropriate time if you can attend or not.

P.S. – Postscript. An additional note at the end of a written correspondence.

BYOB – bring your own beverage

NSFW – not safe for work


Now you are prepared not only to understand them, but also to use them in your text, messages and mails! Become a fanatic of official English abbreviations ASAP! 😉