Student life at UC3M-MADI

Nikko, a 28-years-old girl from California, is one of Master in International Business Administration 2016/2017 student. After several years working abroad she decided to study again. She chose Carlos III University and MADI’s program because its quality and full immersion program in another culture. Furthermore, MADI offered her the opportunity to learn and improve her level of Spanish, learned in the States. She told us how was her Student life at UC3M-MADI.

Her first weeks in Spain have been the most awesome experience in her life. Nikko realized that the life in Spain is full of life, food and awesome people. Her uncertainly about coming back to study, especially in a new country, disappeared when she met MADI. For her there is no better place to study a Master in International Business Administration than in Spain. It combines a top education with full emersion into another culture and the opportunity to perfect improve her Spanish.

The MaDI program provides connections to internships, global companies, and networking. Through collaboration with Workkola students are able to work with real startups on real business projects as a part of their studies, offering them applicable experience for their resumes and connections and references from upcoming companies in Spain.  Internship connections allow students to easily start an internship in the sector they are interested in, giving them unparalleled advantages when seeking a job.

Weekly MaDI Talks deliver additional pivotal job-seeking knowledge with specialized talks on business information, networking, digital tools, and jobs and careers from specialists and professionals.

Student life on Campus

For Nikko, student life on campus is rich and entertaining with performances and opportunities to participate in theatre, dance, and music. There are fun workshops from cooking to cinema and literature to expand your interests, planned trips and tours, and social mixers and clubs.

UC3M is also a champion athletic school with sports teams in women and men’s futbol (or soccer as Nikko say in the US), rugby, basketball, and volleyball.  You can try out for the teams or cheer them on! You can also use the world-class gym facilities, take sports, fitness and aquatic classes, and get a personal trainer on campus. If team sports aren’t really your thing (like Nikko) you can also participate in outdoor and adventure activities such as rock climbing, snow shoeing, and cannoning.

And if you are new to Spain, you won’t be the only one! Students and professionals come from all over the world to join the MaDI program. It’s a great way learn about different cultures, communication and business conduct from other countries, and to make great friends.

For Nikko, from the beginning, the MaDI experience has offered her a great community that inspires and motivates learning, collaboration, and a focus on future goals. “The classes are relevant and challenging and the cultural lessons learned from emersion in another country are critical to success in the international market” explained Nikko.

Here you have a video about Nikko’ Student Life