The Afterwork Culture in Madrid

In this post, I will discuss: how the afterwork culture in Madrid has change my outlook on life (not an exaggeration) and recommend a few of my fave afterwork spots.

I have been living in Madrid for three years now and I absolutely love it! Living here has changed me as a person in so many fabulous ways that I am afraid to leave.

When I lived in London, I was very rigid! I went to work, turned up to work stressed from the commute, finished work, went to the gym, went home and returned home stressed from the commute (and yes, probably soaked from the rain). To me, this seemed to be a normal way to live and almost a way you should live if you are working and want to be successful, no? NO! This is not how we should be living, I had it so wrong! I also work eight hours a day in Madrid and go to the gym, but for some reason, the day is a lot longer here. I have so much energy to meet a friend after work, go for a beer, watch a movie, whatever. The afterwork culture is so normal that I have been shown just how beautiful it is to live your life this way.

An Afterwork Schedule: Monday – Thursday

Monday – Tortilla, Plaza Olavide: Metro Iglesia
Plaza Olavide is one of my favourite spots in Madrid, it is classically romantic, relaxing and is not as expensive as everyone seems to think! Throughout the week, most bars and locals have what they call the tortilla menu for two. For just 9 euros between you, you get an entire freshly made tortilla, salad and bread! It is the perfect way to catch up with a friend; plus, you get to sit outside which is always a bonus.

Tuesday – A Language Exchange, Carmencita Bar – Canas and Conversation: Metro Noviciado
With a boom for language learning in Madrid, you will find a language exchange almost every night of the week. It is a great way to practice speaking and is something that you can do on your own or with a friend.

Wednesday – Salsa, El Estudio de los Arquitectos: Metro La Latina
Every Wednesday El Estudio de los Arquitectos in La Latina holds a free salsa class at 9pm. The teacher is fantastic as he teaches a doable but challenging routine that gives you a ‘hump day’ boost. It’s perfect for a date night or with a few friends. No one gets left out so don’t worry if you don’t have a partner.
Trivia and Tacos, La Gringa: Metro Noviciado
Get your brains working again with midweek trivia and tacos. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, at least go and try their spinach and artichoke dip and BBQ chicken wings. Delicious and cheap!

Thursday – Aperitivos, MandraliscaMetro Bilbao
Every Thursday, Mandralisca serves a range of aperitivos. The first drink is 5 euros (which includes the aperitivos), after that, drinks are sold at their normal price. The atmosphere is great and the decor is cosy and sociable. I have found that it is good venue to get together with a few friends as the layout allows you to move around and mingle between the group.
Two for one margaritas, Chapultepec: Metro Bilbao
Another Mexican taco restaurants that offers 2 for 1 margaritas Monday to Thursday, what more could you want?  

Say Cheers to the Afterwork culture

If none of the above lure you in, there are umpteen bars to ‘ir de canas’ (one of the most said phases in Madrid), free afterwork museums, cinemas, or simply just dinner at a friends house. Just don’t go home and stay home! You are missing out on your week, the weekend is too short so don’t try to squeeze everything in at once.

Leonardo Dicaprio cheering to the afterwork culture